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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q4: Will my website be search engine optimized?
    A4: Yes, GetUrRx ensures that your website is search engine optimized, helping potential patients find your clinic when searching for relevant medical services in your area.
  • Q2: How can a website benefit my doctor's clinic?
    A2: A website expands your reach, allows online appointment booking, educates and empowers patients, enhances communication, and helps you stay competitive in the digital age.
  • Q12: Can I add a blog to my doctor's clinic website?
    A12: Absolutely! GetUrRx allows you to easily add a blog to your website, enabling you to share informative articles, medical insights, and updates to keep your patients informed and engaged.
  • Q9: Will my website be secure and compliant with privacy regulations?
    A9: Yes, GetUrRx ensures that your website is secure and compliant with privacy regulations in India. We understand the importance of safeguarding patient information and maintaining confidentiality according to the guidelines set by the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011. Your website will be built with the necessary security measures and privacy protocols to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with Indian privacy regulations.
  • Q8: Will my website be mobile-friendly?
    A8: Yes, all websites created by GetUrRx are mobile-friendly, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for patients accessing your site from various devices.
  • Q1: Why does my doctor's clinic need a website?
    A1: A website provides a powerful online presence, attracting new patients, streamlining appointment management, and building trust and credibility for your clinic.
  • Q10: Can I showcase my clinic's services and specialties on the website?
    A10: Yes, you can showcase your clinic's services, specialties, and treatments on your website, providing potential patients with comprehensive information about the medical care you offer.
  • Q5: Can I integrate online appointment booking into my website?
    A5: Yes, GetUrRx provides seamless integration with online appointment booking systems, making it convenient for patients to schedule appointments directly from your website.
  • Q7: How can a website help me stay connected with my patients?
    A7: Your website can incorporate features such as appointment reminders, follow-up notifications, and a blog to engage and communicate with your patients, fostering stronger relationships.
  • Q3: Can I customize the website to reflect my clinic's branding?
    A3: Absolutely! GetUrRx offers customizable website templates and design options to ensure your website aligns with your clinic's unique branding and style.
  • Q6: Can I showcase patient testimonials and reviews on my website?
    A6: Absolutely! GetUrRx enables you to display patient testimonials and reviews, showcasing your expertise and building trust with prospective patients.
  • Q13: How much time do GetUrRx take to complete the website and publish ?
    A13: GetUrRx team is very professional, experienced and valuable. We deliver the website and publish your clinic website in 5-7 days. Yes, we complete the task in less than 1 week.
  • Q11: Will my website be optimized for local search results?
    A11: Yes, GetUrRx optimizes your website for local search results, increasing the visibility of your clinic among potential patients in your specific geographical area.
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